PH meter purchasing advice: how to choose the right product

Anyone looking for pH meters is spoilt for choice: there are numerous manufacturers and even more different versions, which differ in their acquisition costs and other crucial properties.

In the pH meter comparison 2021, our editorial team pitted 14 different pH meters against each other based on a detailed market analysis.

Of the 14 pH meters researched, we subjected the 7 best offers to our detailed comparison round.

A good overview is provided by the comparison table at the beginning of the article, in which our editors present the 7 best pH meters with their most important features.

Among other things, we list the prices of the individual products in various online shops here, so that interested parties can conveniently compare the acquisition costs.

Our comparison winner takes first place.

For price-conscious consumers, we recommend our “price-performance winner”: this product comes up with good quality and a favourable price.

With the help of our clear comparison table, consumers can easily find the right product.

In the following sections, interested parties will find out what role acquisition costs and buyer ratings play in the pH meter comparison and which pH meters were most convincing.

pH meters in price comparison

If you are planning to buy a new pH meter, the first thing you often ask about is the price.

Although our pH meter comparison is not a pure price comparison, the purchase costs are included in the product selection and evaluation.

Some consumers are concerned about the quality of very low-priced models; however, a particularly low price does not automatically mean a loss of quality.

The pH meters in our comparison range in price from about 15 euros to 105 euros.

The item with the lowest price in our comparison is the branded pH meter from Koopower for 11.99 euros.

The most expensive of our 7 comparison candidates is an offer from the manufacturer Greisinger, the product pH meter by Greisinger for 104.56 euros.

A representative of the middle price range in the pH Meter comparison is the product pH Meter by ulocool, for which you pay 19.88 Euro.

How we evaluate pH meters

The evaluation is made up of various focal points, one of which is the subjective assessment of the general properties of the 7 pH meters.

In the comparison table, interested parties will find the most important product features that were taken into account when evaluating the 7 best pH meters. These include, for example, the type of product and the number of units available.

The size is especially important for consumers who have little space available; they will find very handy pH meters in the comparison overview.

The equipment and the scope of delivery of the items often affect the acquisition costs: While many inexpensive pH meters are limited to the basic equipment, buyers often get practical accessories for more money.

In some cases, pH meters differ in the number of included parts; you can also read about this in the comparison table.

In addition to the product features mentioned by our editors in the comparison overview, customer reviews are also included in the overall rating of the best pH meters in the pH meter comparison.

Another component of the evaluation of the 7 best pH meters is the rating by trade journals.

We determine the overall rating of each pH meter from the above-mentioned components.

pH meter: The comparison results

All the scores of the pH meters we compared can be found in the comparison table above; they range from 1.2 to 2.1.

The overall victory in the pH meter comparison 2021 was secured by the item AI209 with a comparison score of 1.2.

The 2nd place behind our comparison winner of the Apera Instruments brand was achieved by the pH meter model from konjac (comparison score 1.4); the 3rd place on the podium was secured by the TVIRDYUYUEWUEDFU73 brand with an overall score of 1.4.

The item PHMeter scored with a particularly fair price and received the rating “price-performance winner” with a score of 1.7.

The cheapest product received the grade 1.8, while the most expensive variant was rated 1.5.

In the midfield of our comparison field landed the product pH meter from Measury, which received the grade 1.6 in the pH meter comparison.

The taillight of the 7 best pH meters is an item from the manufacturer TROTEC: with a score of 2.1, the brand-name pH meter from TROTEC lands in last place.

User reports

In order to get as comprehensive an impression as possible of manufacturers and their products, our editors also take customer reviews into account.

Our editors not only analyse the content of the customer reviews, but also their number. In total, the 7 items in the current pH meter comparison have received 9269 user reviews.

The customer reviews give an insight into the popularity of the individual products and provide information about the product quality and operation.

The reviews from buyers that we use for our comparison can be found in the comparison overview; 5 stars is the maximum possible rating.

The product AI209, which was awarded as the comparison winner, has received a rating of 1.2 from us. 3199 customers have rated this product with an average of 4.5 out of 5.0 stars.

The item pH meter from Greisinger has particularly convinced customers so far: it is the brand with the best customer ratings in the pH meter comparison.

The model pH Meter from X4-Life is in the midfield among consumers: With 400 user reviews, it achieves 3.9 out of 5.0 stars.

Buyers are less satisfied with the pH meter from TROTEC. With an average of 3.5 out of 5.0 stars, it is the item with the lowest user rating in our comparison.

Conclusion of the editors

Our comparison of the best pH meters shows that the designs differ in part very significantly and therefore a comparison before buying is quite useful.

With this comparison, we help users find the right item. The clear comparison table shows the most important features and comparative values of the 7 best pH meters in comparison.

With products from different price ranges, we want to offer a particularly broad selection for different needs and demands.

Overall, the AI209 product was the most convincing of the 7 comparison candidates: with a score of 1.2, it is our pH meter comparison winner.

Next to the comparison winner, an item from the manufacturer Koopower stands out from the competition. With a price of 11.99 euros and an overall grade of 1.7, we have chosen the PHMeter as the price-performance winner.

The highest user rating so far in the pH Meter Comparison 2021 has been given to the product pH Meter by Greisinger with 4.5 out of 5.0 stars.

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