Affiliate Policy

On our websites you’ll find links to buy products from Amazon and other partners. If you click on these links, you’ll find that the URL includes a small extra piece of text which identifies that the click came from our website. This text is an affiliate code, and it means that we get a small percentage of the money you spend if you choose to buy that product, or, in some cases, other products from the site soon after. These Earnings help pay the costs of producing our websites and ensure that the content is free to you.

Links are normally provided by an affiliate network but we also work directly with retailers in some cases. Please note that a retailer link alone does not constitute an endorsement of the retailer by FinalCheck. We are not able to show every possible retailer and cheaper prices may be available. 

All our research, testing and recommendations are 100% independent and are in no way influenced by third parties or our membership of affiliate schemes.

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